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Download UWStatTools v2.3.1 - Documentation & User Manual

This Package Includes:

NEW: Power Plots & Fortran bindings: fortran examples of the main programs

Simple Poisson Calculation:

  • Program Name: PoissonSig

Simple Poisson With Systematic Error on Background:

  • Program Name: PoissonSig_syst

Likelihood Ratio (for shapes or combinations):

Likelihood Ratio with Systematic Error Matrix (for shapes or combinations)

Download MadTools/StatTOols - Documentation & User Manual in tarball

  • This package can use the (optional) CLN library (available from the GiNaC website) to calculate confidence levels (with and without shapes) with arbitrary-precision floating point numbers. It depends on ROOT. It can (optionally) use the FFTW library for quick calculation of some confidence levels.

Monte Carlo

The MadCUP Project


Neural Networks, etc...