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The Wisconsin-Madison group is heavily involved in several international physics experiments. Professor Sau Lan Wu of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Physics Department heads the team.

ATLAS Experiment at CERN
In September 1993, the Wisconsin Group was the first U.S group to join the ATLAS Collaboration at the LHC. We participate in a wide range of activities within ATLAS in the search for the Higgs boson.

BaBar Experiment at SLAC
Wisconsin joined the BaBar Collaboration at the PEP II accelerator at SLAC in September 1995, where the primary goal is the systematic study of CP asymmetries in decays of the B0 and B0 into CP eigenstates.  The main focus of our research is the Silicon Vertex Tracker (SVT) with contributions to both the hardware and software. more...

We have been very active in producing results with the data collected at LEP1 and LEP2.  At LEP1, we were involved in a wide variety of topics, including b physics, precision electroweak measurements and tau physics.  At LEP2, we were involved in searches for Higgs bosons,  SUSY particles and for new physics with four-jet final states, as well as the measurements of the WW and ZZ cross sections. Competitive results on mass limits from ALEPH data on  Charginos, Neutralinos, Stops and Higgs from MSSM were obtained by our group. more...

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